BONK! 133 @ Hot Shop Glass

This month’s BONK! performance series will be held at Hot Shop Glass, 239 Wisconsin Ave, on Saturday, December 14th, at 6:00 p.m. with doors opening at 5:30. Featured performers will be: Milwaukee poet, Byron Cherry; Chicago poet, Edgar Garcia; and Kenosha Indie Trio, Violet Wilder.

Bryon Cherry is a poet, musician and alchemist. Bryon Cherry exists outside of time so he can precipitate often broken reflections. Bryon Cherry has been published in “Return to the Place of the Gathering Waters” published by Vegetarian Alcoholic Press. Bryon Cherry is the author of a chapbook “Funeral Journey” (The Quail Press) and a full-length “Ruins, Ruminations, and Rituals” (Anarcho Welfare) both published in 2019. Bryon Cherry dwells in Milwaukee, WI.

Edgar Garcia is a poet and scholar of the cultures of the Americas. He is the author of Skins of Columbus: A Dream Ethnography (Fence Books, 2019) and Signs of the Americas: A Poetics of Pictography, Hieroglyphs, and Khipu (University of Chicago Press, 2020); and he co-edited American Literature in the World: An Anthology from Anne Bradstreet to Octavia Butler (Columbia University Press, 2016). He is presently working on two books: one about divination and migration and the other on the Mayan story of creation, the Popol Vuh. He is Neubauer Family Assistant Professor of English at the University of Chicago, where he also teaches in the department of Creative Writing.

Violet Wilder is an indie trio from Kenosha WI comprised of Melissa, Kimberly, & Jayna, three best friends who have a passion for making music together. Formerly known as The Oscilladies (an extension of the 7-piece indie folk group The Oscillators), VW has recently re-branded with a whole new repertoire of original music in the works. A bit about the name Violet Wilder – the trio put a lot of thought into their denomination. Violets happen to be the Wisconsin state flower, and the color violet represents dreams and imagination. “Wilder” means someone off of the beaten path/an adventurous explorer, and Melissa happens to be related to the famous Laura Ingles Wilder (who was also born Wisconsin). Guitar, viola, piano, flute, and mandolin make up the ensemble, and the trio incorporates a mixture of genres. But most importantly, they will sing angelic 3-part harmony to you until your ears fall off.

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