BONK! 122 @ Racine Public Library

Radical, Not a Saint; Celebrating the REAL Dr. King

This month the BONK! performance series will be collaborating with Sentinel Mentors, Professional Women’s Network for Service, The Racine Branch NAACP, and the Racine Public Library to host “A Radical, Not a Saint; Celebrating the REAL Dr. King” held at the Racine Public Library, 75 Lake Ave, on Saturday, January 19th, at 6:00 p.m. with doors opening at 5:30. Featured speakers will be Alderman John Tate II, Nick Demske, Auntavia Jackson, and Rev. Dr. Harvard Stephens. This event is free for all ages and open to the public.

Today, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr is praised universally as a champion of peace. But during his life, he was a highly contentious public figure challenging the status quo, and the comfort of every American–white, black and otherwise. The Chief of the FBI called Dr. King “The most notorious liar in the country.” In the last years of his life, Dr. King endured tremendous criticism and scorn from many different parts of American society. His harsh condemnation of the Vietnam War proved to be as politically risky as his fights for civil rights for black Americans.

This event will make the argument that Dr. King is universally praised today, in large part, because his legacy has been so watered down and sterilized, to the point that it is unrecognizable. Rather than remembering him as the social radical who caused mass disruption to bring attention to various American injustices, Dr. King is often treated as a figure who simply believed that if everyone was simply treated the same, the world’s problems would go away. This couldn’t be further from what Dr. King believed, though, and this event will feature multiple speakers who will help members of the audience understand who Dr. King really was. Presenters will reconnect those in attendance with Dr. King’s true heroism and legacy and will discuss practical ways for all of us to continue his legacy today.

6:00 PM – Introduction
6:15 PM – Alderman John Tate II: Radical Quotes from Dr. King and What They Should Mean for Us Today
6:30 PM – Nick Demske: No Black Dollars; Dr. King’s Activism Through Economic Withdrawal
6:45 PM – Auntavia Jackson: Coretta Scott King; The Radical Behind the Radical
7:00 PM – Rev. Dr. Harvard Stephens: What Would Jesus Do; Christianity as the foundation for Dr. King’s Radical activism
7:25 PM – Practical Steps for Carrying on King’s Legacy Today
7:35 PM – 8:00 PM – Food and Fellowship


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