BONK! 100



Music         Mexico City Is Sinking
Music         The Barrow Band
Bonus         BONK! Family Showcase

Mexico City Is Sinking is the solo work of singer-songwriter Marco Jaimez. Born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin, Marco is a solo artist, as well as lead singer in the band “Anchors of Empires”. Influenced by Michael Jackson and Jeff Buckley, he started playing bass guitar at age thirteen. After discovering a love for singing, he put the bass down and delved into playing acoustic guitar, singing and songwriting. It is here that he found a desire and passion to began his solo journey. He explains; “I have always loved music and believe that humans were given this desire to create. My creativity happens to be singing and songwriting.” Marco has paved the way to a strong foundation with his distinctive voice and emotional lyrics. He has full command of the craft of songwriting and his live performances showcase an ability to connect with his audience.

The Barrow Band is an indie folk quintet whose sounds leaves the listener wanting more. Hailing from Grand Marais, MN, and formed in 2012, members Jackson Potter, Stephen Struwve, Christian Bane, Jeff Ruffato, and Andreas Palmer, produce a sound that produces such imagery that the listener is transported to what could be easily described as the Midwestern landscape. They have 2 albums currently available, Trailshack (2012) and Walker’s Point Session (2015). Haunting, beautiful, yet unsettling, this band captures what it is to be indie folk in the Midwestern United States of America. Folding in Gothic undertones and vivid imagery, this band is one to listen for.

BONK! 100 will be a pot luck event. Please bring your favorite dish to pass, especially vegan food. Vegan food doesn’t have to be fancy. To be considered vegan, a dish cannot have any meat, dairy, eggs, honey, or animal products (such as most gelatin). A few outlets will be available for hot food. We will also have a cake. Sadly, the security staff at the library vetoed lighting the cake with a hundred candles due to fire hazard.


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