BONK! 83 @ Eco-Justice Center



Poet                       Fabu

Musicians          Bryan Drewyor

Poet                      JoAnn Chang

FABU, as she is professionally known, is a poet, columnist, storyteller, and educator.  She was the first African American Madison Poet Laureate. (2008-2012).  As a literary artist, she creates and shares writing that reflects living in Memphis, Tennessee, Nairobi, Kenya and Madison, Wisconsin.  She has published Poems, Dreams and Roses, In Our Own Tongues and Journey to Wisconsin:  African American Life in Haiku, winner of an Outstanding Achievement in Poetry by the Wisconsin Library Association (2012).  Fabu is a Pushcart Prize nominee in poetry in 2013 and 2014, and a Silver winner in Spoken Word/Poetry by Madison Magazine in 2014.  Remember Me:  Mary Lou Williams in Poetry is her latest poetry manuscript.  Her website is

JOANN CHANG began writing songs in 1975 in Texas. When she moved to Milwaukee in 1992, and became involved with Poet’s Monday, her poetry really took off. She read children’s books and collected children’s fantasy. Because she plays no external instruments she is a singer-songwriter in the truest sense of the word. Although she finds it especially challenging, she sometimes writes short fiction such as “Fairytales for People with a Short Attention Span,” and has an interest in what she calls “nonsense fiction, which she says, is also an extra creative challenge for her.

BRYAN DREWYOR takes in life, celebrates it, processes it, and tosses it back at us in one big, soul thumping, feet moving, mindful emotion. This predominantly self-taught performer grew up in the Midwest surrounded by a family full of musicians and thinkers. His voice is extremely refined and is as original as it gets. From childhood Bryan was heavily influenced by bluegrass, jazz, rock and folk; he inevitably connected with the piano at an early age and acoustic guitar soon after. The lyrics that fill his songs with life are deeply rooted in relationships and experiences that come from living, growing, and realizing life’s greater gifts. Bryan shares his understanding of the world and leaves us with a message well played and received.


And check out this community event, also sponsored by the Library and The Eco-Justice Center (as well as Greening Greater Racine).  Head BONK! Shaman, Nick Demske, will introduce the film and will be the “A” part of the Q&A.  It’s a powerful, important, life-changing film…..come check it out!

BONK! 83





6 PM (doors open 5:30)

Mark your calendars…

2015 Event Schedule

Sept 26th-Location TBD

100 Thousand Poets for Change Event,

featuring Social Justice-themed poetry from Racine and beyond


Oct 24th-River Bend Nature Center

Afaa Michael Weaver

Laynie Browne


Nov 21st-Location TBD

Ralph Hamilton

Philip Metres

Downgrade Telemetrics

BONK! loves you 🙂


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