Start the year off right with another BONK! at the Racine Arts Council.




Poet                        Daniel D’Angelo

Musician               Fumi Nishikiori-Nakayama

Poet                        Darlin Nikki


DANIEL D’ANGELO’s poems have appeared in The Collagist, H-ngm-n, Alice Blue, B O D Y, NOÖ Journal, and elsewhere. A former Poetry Editor of Phoebe, he is from eastern Iowa and lives in Arlington, Virginia, where he works as an editor.
“DARLIN NIKKI” JANZEN connects with youth and adults through her honest, vivid poetry.  She found spoken word poetry as a great means to inspire and encourage all human beings to connect and find joy in healing through poetry and other art forms. This two time Grand Slam Champion of Milwaukee was also the Women of the World Haiku Slam Champion in 2008. Currently, she co-hosts two shows in Milwaukee: Beat Poetry & Music Series & Express Yourself Youth Open Mic. She has graced the stage of the Mansion in Miami in the Slam Bush Contest hosted by Chuck D, competed on 5 National Slam Teams and continues to lead writing, poetry, publication and social justice workshops for both youth and adults and provides art & poetry residencies throughout Milwaukee   Her latest poetry recording project “Healing Broken” can be downloaded on iTunes or purchased from

FUMI NISHIKIORI-NAKAYAMA is an ardent and accomplished student, teacher, composer, conductor and performer of both piano and harpsichord.  With degrees from both Roosevelt University’s Chicago Music College and Indiana University, as well training in eurhythmics and Dalcroze, she is often inspired to teach rhythm and music expression through movement and improvisation.  She currently teaches locally at Carthage where she is adjunct faculty member, and at UW Parkside.



BONK! T-shirts make an excellent stocking stuffers! They are available every day at the Racine Public Library and, of course, at every BONK! event. Happy holidays!


BONK! 76


6PM (doors open 5:00!)

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