Another BONK! is just around the corner!


Poet                        Heiko Julien

Musician               Kiran Vee

Poet                       LaTasha N Nevada Diggs

Heiko Julien is an American poet, short-story writer, musician, and Internet personality. He lives in Chicago, Illinois. Julien ‘s stories, poetry, and essays have been published in n+1, Thought Catalog, Pop Serial, Shabby Doll House, and The Lifted Brow. His work has been described as being preoccupied with memes, media, and online community. Julien has cited authors Mark Leyner, Ben Brooks, Tao Lin, and blogger Steve Roggenbuck as central influences.
Kiran Vee (aka Q the Sun) is a songwriter/producer/performer from Milwaukee. For the past 6 years he has been recording and releasing music, performing, and touring with his group Fresh Cut Collective. Kiran and his group have shared the stage with national artists such as The Roots, De La Soul, Nelly, Ludacris, and Atmosphere, among others, and have received multiple awards. Kiran has used his diverse creative/professional experiences with FCC to create a multi-media youth arts program, Living Reflections, which provides opportunities for young people to process and share their experiences, emotions, and concerns through creative expression. He teaches practical, collaborative skills like music and video production, and encourages young people to seek knowledge of self through self-reflection and critical analysis of mass media and popular culture.
LaTasha N Nevada Diggs is more than an artist: as a vocalist, writer, sound artist, curator, director, and editor, Diggs has been widely published and featured at many galleries, including the Museum of Modern Art. She is the author of a book of poetry called TwERK, three chapbooks, and the album Televisíon. She was born and raised in Harlem, and her work concentrates on languages, media, history, and culture.

BONK! 75





6PM (doors open 5:00!)

Mark your calendars…
2014 Event Schedule

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