BONK! 52- Saturday, January 19th


BONK! 52
6PM (doors open 5:30)
musician              Frankie Flowers 
poet                     Sarah Fox
musician             Barnum’s Giant

Frankie Flowers first came to be in November of 2006 in the stock room of a Foot Locker. He had been writing since childhood and, after coming into contact with some co-workers and friends, he decided to try his hand at rapping. By the fall of 2007 he moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in music full-time. In December of 2008, he released his first album titled The Storyteller. After he returned home to Milwaukee, Frankie released his sophomore album New Beginning (Dec 2009), followed by Never Forget (Mar 2011). By the summer of 2011, Frankie teamed up with long time friend Jay One to form a high energy dynamic duo known as The Local Nobodies. In 2012 they released two projects, The Ep and The Ap, ultimately leading up to their full album The L. By the spring of 2013 Frankie plans to release his fourth solo album titled Phase II: The Journey. To learn more or to check out Frankie’s music and videos, visit

From Frankie Flowers:”I’ve decided to donate 5% of all sales in 2013 to two charities, the lupus foundation of America and the surviving bullies charity. My mom has lupus and I’ve worked with kids in the inner city of Milwaukee who experience being bullied so I’m just trying to do my part.  It’s not much, but whatever I can do to bring awareness to both issues, I’m all for it.”  The merchandise link is


Sarah Fox was born and raised in Milwaukee, and now lives in Northeast Minneapolis where she co-directs, with John Colburn, the Center for Visionary Poetics. Coffee House Press published her first book, Because Why, in 2006 and will release The First Flag in early 2013. She teaches writing and poetics, contributes to the multi-author arts and culture blog Montevidayo, and also serves as a doula. Recent work appears in Conduit, Action Yes, Whole Beast Rag, Fence, We Are So Happy To Know Something, Poetry City USA Vol. 2, Spout, Rain Taxi, LUNGFULL!, and others. She performs poetry rituals and other intersubjective actions in public and private spaces around the Twin Cities and beyond.


Barnum’s Giant is an alternative rock duo formed in the summer of 2012. Based in Milwaukee, Barnum’s Giant’s Billy Rayson & Kiefer Matthias connect between jazz/rock influenced drumming and intricate folk rock finger picking guitar, complimented by a voice that swings the melody of the lyrics, with walk-full bass licks featured live by Travis Johnson. Having recorded all their own songs, along with designing their own website and managing a diverse social media platform- Barnum’s Giant is sure to leave you with the old school rock element society needs. Be on the lookout for their EP ‘Cold Reader’ to be released this month.


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