Bonk! 37–Saturday, October 8th

BONK! 37
6PM (doors open 5:30)
poet                        Lily Brown
poet                        Claire Becker
musician               Marco Jaimez

Lily Brown was born and raised in Massachusetts. She holds degrees from Harvard University and Saint Mary’s College of California. Her chapbooks include The Renaissance Sheet (Octopus Books) and Old with You (Kitchen Press). Rust or Go Missing, from Cleveland State University Press, is her first full-length book of poetry. Currently, Brown lives in Athens, Georgia, where she is a PhD student at the University of Georgia. Her book received this praise from Michael Palmer: “Reading Lily Brown’s poems, I feel myself in the presence of an electric consciousness gazing at the temporal rifts and physical folds beneath landscapes and the manifold tensions between bodies. Poetic language here is an instrument of thought or, rather, of a thinking that breathes and is embodied and seeks a new path.”


Claire Becker is the author of the poetry collection Where We Think It Should Go from Octopus Books and the chapbooks Untoward, Get You , Young Adult, We Know in 2010, We Survive, and The Werld. She co-edits the journal RealPoetik with Lily Brown and teaches in the high school mainstream program at the California School for the Blind. Graham Foust says this of Becker’s work: “Poems should go to where we think, which means that they often end up in the loneliest, most impossible places. . . . Claire Becker’s poems seem both driven by that impulse and in love with that result. They’ve got a throb at which it’s hard not to wonder and, like more than one of us, an aching oddball soul.”


Marco Jaimez is a musician from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He played at Bonk 10 with David Algrim as part of the group Ihavethreehands. He has been part of a few music projects such as Chopo Bazaar, The Bear Approves, and The Fiendish Dr. Wu. Mexico City Is Sinking is his current solo, acoustic music project. You can check out his music on Twitter: and Facebook:


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