BONK! 32–Saturday, May 7th

BONK! 32
6PM (doors open 5:30)
poet                     Monica Mody
poet                     Tom Hibbard
musicians         Good Evening
Tremendousness about to be in your face, Racine.  And here are the bios below.  See you there.  WOO!
Monica Mody’s work has been published in West Wind Review, apocryphal text, horse less review, Cannot Exist, LIES/ISLE, Wasafiri, Pratilipi, and nthposition, among other journals. Most recently, excerpts from her manuscript Kala Pani featured in the Boston Review Poet’s Sampler. She is the author of a chapbook, Travel & Risk, from Wheelchair Party, and has a book forthcoming in Fall 2012 from 1913 Press. Mody received her MFA in poetry from the University of Notre Dame and won the 2010 postgraduate Sparks fellowship. She currently lives in Mishawaka.

Tom Hibbard grew up in a small town in Wisconsin.  He graduated with a B.A. from Amherst College in Massachusetts and began writing as a newspaper reporter for the Progressive afternoon daily in Madison, Wisconsin, The Capital Times.  Hibbard has lived in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Kansas.  His writing has been published in many places on and off-line, including Jacket, Exquisite Corpse, Word For/ Word and Big Bridge.  Besides his poetry, he has also published essays and reviews of contemporary poets, including David Meltzer, Amiri Baraka, Larry Sawyer and Mark Wallace.  Among Hibbard’s collections are Critique of North American Space (Bronze Skull), Human Powers and Place of Uncertainty (available online at Otoliths storefront).  In 2010 he ran unsuccessfully for the Wisconsin state legislature, and this year for the fourth time he swam on New Years Day with the Polar Bear club in Lake Michigan.

Good Evening’s greatest pleasure is to please. Specializing in ‘midnight broken glass love songs’ that can make Dubstep DJs teary-eyed and grandmas nod their heads with approval, their sound is appropriate to all-night ragers, weddings and campfires, as well as cafes, bars and auditoriums. With eclectic musical backgrounds and interests, and the ability to play in varying forms and combinations, the band has a dynamic sound, full of happiness and heartache, whiskey and woe.

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