BONK! 20 & RPL poetry

BONK! 20
SATURDAY, May 22nd
(doors open at 5:30)

poet                                                     ADAM WEG
spoken word artist                        DAN VAUGHN
musicians                                         LYRA VEGA

Come join us this May to celebrate BONK! entering its twentieth anniversary! (in months, that is : ).  Again, we’ve got a great, weird mix of acts that will make for some sweet cross-pollination.  Check out the links provided…excellent, moving music, powerful poetry…What more could you ask for on a Saturday in May?

…That was rhetorical.

Also, though, We’ve got an addendum to BONK!–a poetry reading at the Racine Public Library on Weds. June 16th at 6pm.  Featuring:

Anthony Madrid

Travis Nichols

& Catherine Wagner

These are three phenomenal poets that we’re very privileged to have in our house.  Between these poets and the BONK! line up, Rcine is starting the summer out in a major, major way.

See you all at BONK! and then at the RPL reading.  until then!


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