BONK! 17, Liam Callanan and New Series in Kenosha

At 6pm on Saturday, February 27th, everyone in attendance at the Racine Arts Council will have the great privilege of this line up:

Poet                 Richard Meier

Writer             Katie O’Shaugnessy

Musician        Christina Colon

So that will obviously be stupendous.  These are three wonderful artists with three pretty different styles and I’m really looking forward to seeing them all together.

But wait!  There’s more…

Our sharpest viewers may have noticed there’s a picture of past BONK! performer, Liam Callanan, above as well.  That’s because he will be giving a reading at the Racine Public Library on March 9, at 6:30pm.  Those of you who were at his BONK! performance will definitely remember his electric presence.  Come support one of the BONK! family as Liam comes to Racine for an encore.

Lastly, BONK! has some very exciting news…some of the BONK! family that reside in Kenosha have created a sister series to BONK! and it’s first event will be this month.  The new arts series, called “Be Exposed,” will have its inaugural event on Friday, Feb. 19th (click on link for more details).  I will be a reader for that evening and great friend of BONK!, Brent Mitchell, will be the musician for the night.  Congratulations to the Be Exposed crew for starting something so cool that our whole area will be able to benefit from.

I’m really excited to be at these events and see the BONK! family for more fun.  You’re all a bunch of stuffed peppers–spicy and nutricious.




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