BONK! 16–Sat. January 23rd (& some etc.)

6pm yo

This madtastic lineup:

Mike Hauser

Carly-Anne Ravnikar

Once Now Ensemble

As Flava Flav used to say: yeah Boyeeeeeee!

Here are some other things you should know:

I (Nick Demske) will be reading in Chicago the day after BONK! in the neighborhood I grew up in.  Sunday, Jan 24th, 7pm.  It will take place at Myopic Books and I’m reading with Mike Bernstein.  Go to that.

Past BONK! performer, The Wandering Endorphin (aka Jim Green, guitar maniac) will be playing a show at the Racine Public Library on Thurs. January 28th at 6:30pm

Lastly, the RPL will be hosting a series on hip hop called “Poetic Evolution.”  First, read a bit about it here.  Then just go to it.

Love you all.

See you on the BONK! side.


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