BONK! quatro

[dt] speaks and plays

miss katie lafond shares

harrison idowu


2 thoughts on “BONK! quatro

  1. I’ve been known to hallucinate before, but I could have SWORN I watched the talented and beautiful Angela Malone perform at this event, only to draw to a close accompanied by an explosion of audience appreciation. So what gives? Why are you holding out? Is it true that the creme de la creme performances will only be available on “BONK LIBRARY AID 2009,” the Christmas DVD? Where can I get a bootleg?

  2. Sorry dave,
    we have video issues sometimes and, since all the performers for the last bonks have gone longer then they tell us they will (nudge nudge), we ran out of tape before the end of angela’s performance. Let this be an omen to all other bonkers in the future: “beware the lengthier performances!” Really though, we feel very bad about this, so we’ll make sure to keep our performers closer to fifteen minutes in the future. In the meantime, we will see what we can do with the anglea video segments we have though. thanks.

    As a sidenote, for some reason pezzetino’s video just doesn’t want to cooperate with our system. After months, we’re finally giving up on it, which is sad because her performance was so stellar. So if you want to see or hear pezzetino, here’s the place to go:
    see you all soon!

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