In Case You Missed It

This show was completely rebonkulous. Check out the videos below in case you missed the event … or if you just want to relive good times. There’s a quick promo video, and an intro clip, followed by separate videos of Matt Mulready and Brent Mitchell. We didn’t get a chance to shoot video of Jessika’s video, but we’re hoping she sends us a tasty ZIP file with that wonderfully raw montage we screened Saturday night. Lorrie has decided not to have her video posted on the site. However, we do have footage of Jessika speaking during the Q&A, which will be getting posted soon.

Here are some testimonials from satisfied BONKers:

Here’s Nicky-Poo introducing the series:

This is Racine poet Matt Mulready, with a selection of work:

And here’s Brent Mitchell performing his songs & a poem. (Apologies to Brent on our not including the second poem from his set in this video … People can only tolerate so much shaky-camera: Our bad.)


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