Bonk The First

It’s coming. Exactly the sort of diverse, cross-pollenating artistic extravaganza you’ve been waiting for with bated breath. The kind of performance series you’ve always wanted, but for which you’ve been afraid to ask. Behold, BONK!

October 25, 2008

Featured performers: Jessika Mikol of Racine (filmmaker), Lorrie Wilson of Milwaukee (poet), Matt Mulready of Racine (writer) and Brent Mitchell of Kenosha headlining (musician)

THERE IS NO FEE FOR ADMISSION TO THIS EVENT. That means it’s FREE, people. So there’s no excuse for not coming.

Blueberries restaurant, 418 Sixth Street, Downtown Racine, WI.

Food & drink will be available for purchase.


3 thoughts on “Bonk The First

  1. Excellent program. Jessika’s video art provided insight into the subtle ebbs and flows that link the seemingly random images and sounds around us. Lorrie’s poetry was bare-boned truth, well-spoken and inspiring. Matt’s writing performance was a delightful crossing-of-the-threshold into the soul of a man. And Brent’s music redefined the ‘country’ genre with its gourmet combination of poetic images, melodies atypical of mass ‘country’, and hard-strumming guitar work.

  2. Hey guys, don’t forget to change the address to 522 6th Street, though I’m sure Old Madrid appreciates the unexplained flow of cool folks through

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